The Rolling Home Journal

The journal is a quarterly print publication celebrating alternative living. It documents stories, interviews, artwork, images, technical knowledge and advice. Helping to connect the community with a shared passion for adventure and alternative living. For the first issue Lauren and Calum brought together a group of truly inspiring contributors from across the globe; from voyages through Icelandic landscapes, to the most innovative campervan interiors.

Other contributors: James Barkman, Filippa Edghill, Alec, Jan & Charles Forman, Oliver Grogan, William Head & Keda Hall and many more.

Illustration:   Christian Leban
Client:          Stokedeversince



The main illustration on the cover is accompanied by a second one inside.


After amazing feedback and inquiries Stokedeversince and Christian also released a screenprinted t-shirt for people to wear everyday.


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Photos: Stokedeversince & Christian Leban